The DFG established this priority programm in 2019. It is divided in two phases, each with a 6 Mio Euro budget. Phase 2 started in 2022 and runs until 2025.

Here you can find all the funded projects sorted into 1st (2019 – 2021) and 2nd (2022 – 2024) funding period as well as important information about each PI, and whether he/she has an open position in their project.

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Practical Courses in 2023

In 2023, the SPP2191 network offered several 2-day practical courses for PhD students and Postdocs in the network to learn new techniques or enhance their methodological knowledge on how to

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Projects 2019-2021

The following projects are part of the first funding period

Condensate Colloquium Series

Biweekly virtual series on Intracellular Phase Transitions and Biomolecular Condensates. Here you will find all info about the speakers and the zoom links for the upcoming seminars.

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The upcoming Seminar

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