Projects 2019 – 2021

The following projects are counted among the first funding period:

Molecular Mechanisms of Physiological and Aberrant Phase Transitions

– Simon Alberti & Claus Seidel

Development of a Combined Fluorescence, Optical Diffraction Tomography and Brillouin (FOB) Microscope for the Quantitative Investigation of Phase Transitions in Cells

– Simon Alberti & Jochen Guck

Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Tau Protein Condensation into Dense Liquid Phases

– Christian Betzel, Eckhard Mandelkow & Susanne Wegmann

The Formation of Phase-Separated Transcription Hubs and their Function in Transcription Regulation

– Jan Brugues & Nadine Vastenhouw

Molecular Mechanisms of Functional Phase Separation in Eukaryotic Gene Transcription

– Patrick Cramer, Johannes Söding & Markus Zweckstetter

Phase Separation of Ki-67 during Mitotic Exit

– Sara Cuylen-Häring

Phase Separation in PML Nuclear Bodies through a Multivalent PolySUMO-2/3 Network is required for Efficient DNA Recombination and Repair

– Peter Dittrich & Peter Hemmerich

Driving Forces of TDP-43 Phase Transitions and their Physiological and Pathological Consequences in Cells

– Dorothee Dormann

Conformational Selection in Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation: Integrating Protein Folding, Misfolding and Stress Granule Formation

– Simon Ebbinghaus

Molecular Mechanisms of Functionally Distinct Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Drosophila Loqs, Ago2 and dsRNA

– Klaus Förstemann & Michael Sattler

Microfluidic Analysis of Multicomponent Phase Separation in ubiquitin-dependent Proteostasis

– Michael Heymann

Active Microemulsification as a Principle of Chromatin Organization and its Role in Cell Fate Induction

– Lennart Hilbert & Vasily Zaburdaev

Phase Separation of Membrane Scaffolding Proteins as a Mechanism to Control Formation of Tight Junctions

– Alf Honigmann & Christoph Weber

Post-Translational Control of Gene Expression Noise by Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

– Anthony Hyman & Christoph Zechner

Phase Separation Driven Heterochromatin Formation as a Regulatory Mechanism for Repeat Silencing and Cellular Differentiation

– Axel Imhof & Karsten Rippe

Dissecting the Nuclear Pore-Like Permeability Barrier Function of Phase Separated Liquid FG Nucleoporin Condensates

– Edward Lemke, Jasper Michels & Sapun Parekh

Dynamics and Buffering Functions of Nuclear Actin-Cofilin Assemblies in Cellular Stress Response

– Julia Mahamid

Role of Sub-Membranous Phase Separation in the Regulation of Myelin Membrane Structure and Function

– Mikael Simons

Molecular Basis for the Central Role of the DEAD-Box Helicase Dhh1 in the Formation and Function of Processing Bodies

– Remco Sprangers